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Second hand Cisco Switches

You reduce costs with second hand Cisco routers and switches without compromising the performance, speed and reliability of your IT network. Your system requirements probably requires year over year capacity growth. How do you expand your network performance without substantially higher budgets. Buy our switches and benefit also from quality, speed and technical support.

For quotes on second hand routers or switches please fill in the contact form. We will share more information about our stock, about the quality, and prices. We understand that you need to rely on the capacity of your network. We supply second hand Cisco switches with warranty. Examples:
  • » Second hand Cisco switches
  • » Unused second hand Cisco switches (new in box)
  • » as extra spares on the shelf
  • » Second hand Cisco switches for redundant networking
  • » core network equipment
  • » second hand hardware for your test lab
  • » use of 3rd party (new, 100% compatible) fiber optics

Example 1)
If your 3560 or 3750 workgroup switches already functioned properly, but you like to grow, it costs a lot of money to replace all switches to the newest 3650. Instead, we offer you the option to buy more 3560's or 3750's and even add an extended warranty for your existing models - even though they might no longer be supported by Cisco. This allows you to benefit another year (or two or three) from your existing hardware.

Example 2)
If you plan to purchase new switches from your Cisco supplier and now you can choose the same product, but second hand for half the price (still with 1 year warranty). Then you can organise a redundant network at the same price. The big question is: what gives you more security? Redundancy or the feeling that something is new?

We know the answer, but want to help you make your choice to argue. Just compare our pricing for second hand switches and routers with the pricing you get from your regular distribution partner.

Second hand Cisco Catalyst switches: